On Air #13 – Alle Farben (ALE)

Alle Farben is one of the artists we admire most in the current scene. We proudly present an exclusive interview with the German last mixtape, which comes full of news. (Only English)

1. Alle Farben, what are your influences and sources inside the music?

My influences and sources are widely spread. I listen to a lot of music during the weeks, that I take into account when mixing my podcasts or in the club. I think, having such different influences is the most important part for a DJ. You always have to go further, and bring new music to your audience.

2. What can we expect from new releases in your productions? Any album or single coming up?

I am releasing my first album on May 2nd 2014, it is called SYNESTHESIA. The single will be out on April 4th and is called SHE MOVES (FAR AWAY) FEAT. GRAHAM CANDY.
You can find all the information on my Facebook-Profile www.fb.com/AlleFarbenOfficial

3. At what point in your life did you realize that was Dj be its your future?

I started DJing more than ten years ago, but I started making a living of it in 2009. I think, then I also decided that being a DJ was my future.

4. His remix for the song Youh of Daughter made absolute success at the Majestic reference channel that is on You Tube for style. Do you have something to say about the channel?

The channel is great, they do a really good job in choosing music.

Alan Medeiros é publicitário, sócio-fundador do Alataj e nome por trás da Beats n' Lights Management.


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